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FC Lampedusa Hamburg is a football team made up of players from the Lampedusa Refugee Group in Hamburg, the west african migrants, who worked for years in Libya until they had to flee from violence and war across the Mediterranean Sea to the Italian island of Lampedusa.

There they had to live in detention centres financed by the EU. When the EU stopped funding these centres, the Italian authorities equipped the fugitives with residence permits on humanitarian grounds., then they sent them – with only a small amount of money – to northern Europe.

Over 300 of the so-called “Lampedusa Refugees” arrived in the winter of 2012/13 in Hamburg and were provided shelter by the municipal winter emergency program. There people from different countries of origin, different religions and different language groups came together. When this program ended in April 2013, the people were forced to live in the streets whilst the Hamburg Senate urged them to return to Italy, despite there being no prospect of work for them there.

80 of the refugees were given shelter in the St.Pauli Church and were warmly welcomed into the local community with the support of the neighbourhood residents and fans of the FC St.Pauli. A huge demonstration, attended by thousands of people from Hamburg, supported the right for the refugees to remain in the city. During the winter of 2013/14 the church provided containers for some of the refugees to stay in. Many others found places in a self-organized solidarity winter emergency program in residential projects, club rooms and private apartments.

Now, most are back in the streets and still fighting politically and socially for their right to be allowed to live and work in Hamburg. The Hamburg Senate is simply sitting out the problem and still insists on them returning to Italy, which is completely overwhelmed as a Mediterranean state in the midst of the current economic crisis and can‘t offer the fugitives any prospects for their future well-being.

Football at FC Lampedusa Hamburg also has a political component:

FC Lampedusa Hamburg wants to create awareness and draw attention to the evils of European refugee policy and the situation of the group Lampedusa in Hamburg.

Our SLOGAN is:

„We are here to play – we are here to stay!“

First and foremost, FC Lampedusa is a football team: 30 men, who love football and get together regularly for training, friendly matches and tournaments, enabling them to leave their dreary and troubled life behind for a few hours, meet new people and feel they belong to the local community.

The Coaching Crew currently consists of five women who train the team voluntarily. For many years, this group of women have been involved in the running of the handball and women‘s and girls‘ football department as well as various other social projects connected to FC St.Pauli.

By supporting FC Lampedusa Hamburg you are helping to enforce their general right to stay in Hamburg, and welcoming these refugees to „our“ wonderful world of football: because everybody has the right to play football wherever he or she wants to play.

The whole team of the FC Lampedusa Hamburg and the FC Lampedusa Coaching Crew thank you for your donation and your support.

Supporting the team with love & hope, spirit & passion, equipment & transport.

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